Natural Brazilian Rose Quartz Water Flask

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Properties of Rose Quartz – The Stone of Love:

Opens the heart to all forms of love – towards yourself and others
Dispels negativity while replacing it with emotions of peace
Reduces stress and emotional tension
Characteristics of the Water Flasks:

Which Water Flask should you choose? We understand that choosing your favourite Crystal Water Flask can be a difficult choice. No worries! Our Crystal Flasks are customizable. Each Crystal Water Flask includes a twist on and off crystal. This customizable feature in our Water Flasks allows you to completely remove the crystal, collect other crystals, and switch your Water Flask up! In addition to this, all of our Water Flasks are made of glass and stainless steel, and include a round rubber base for extra grip.

A pure, Brazilian, crystal wand is embedded within the Water Flask which emits its natural vibrations throughout the contents of the flask. This promotes purification, revitalization, and balance of the mind, body, and soul.

It should be known that as these crystals undergo natural geologic processes, their aesthetic properties vary due to their unique molecular compositions. Therefore, each crystal within the flask will have distinctive patterns in comparison to the gallery image. As a customer, you will obtain an idiosyncratic treasure of your own.

Size and Dimensions:

Each of these opulent water flasks have a 700ml (24oz) fluid capacity. As a result of their unique molecular compositions, each crystal wand embedded within the flask may slightly differ in comparison to the gallery image.

Free With Each Order:

Purchase of any Natural Brazilian Water Flask includes a FREE durable protective flask sleeve.